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Local Mountains Are Drawing Huge Lineups and People Are Not Happy

Photo: @MikeRWhiskey / Twitter

With the holidays in full swing and a week of fresh new powder, many locals hit the slopes this past weekend, or at least they tried to.

Local mountains saw another busy weekend, especially on Sunday when the sun made a rare appearance. While many were able to find their way to the top of a local mountain, it came at a cost of waiting hours in longer than usual lineups.

Reasonably, many people didn’t have the time or patience and gave up.

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Here’s a look at Grouse Mountain’s lineups on Sunday:

@lydianagaiphotoWe gave up.#northvancouver #canada♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

A video posted to Reddit captured the scene at Cypress, which wasn’t much better:

Plenty of locals took to social media to share their experience, and vent their frustrations.

Others chimed in and pointed out that this issue isn’t a one time thing, but a growing pain for the city. As Metro Vancouver’s population continues to grow, it appears local mountains are struggling to accommodate the demand with new infrastructure and parking space.

As a result, on some rare days it’s quicker to drive up to Whistler and get in a run as opposed to waiting in the 2-3 hour local lineups.

To help address the surge, local mountains and BC Parks have issued new pass systems to manage crowds, but it still may not be enough.

Until there’s a more feasible solution, it’s advised to get up the slopes as early as possible to avoid disappointment on weekends. As bookings and lots continue to sell out, people will continue to be turned away.


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