Vancouver Ranks In Top Five Most Filmed Cities In the World

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According to research done by an insurance company called GoCompare, Vancouver is one of the most filmed cities in the word.

The website used data from IMDB in order determine which places had been filmed most.

In fact, the data revealed that the oceanside city made the top 5 most filmed cites.

Of course, this may not shock locals. Known as “Hollywood North,” Vancouver is the set of many movies and TV shows every month. In fact, there are 8 movies filming in the city this August.

While Vancouver ranks fifth, Los Angeles comes in first place. Following LA is New York, followed by London and Toronto.

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Most Filmed Cities

What’s more, the analysis breaks down how many movies were filmed in specific locations.

“While many movies and TV shows are filmed in studios, over the past 20 years more than 340,000 were filmed on location,” it states.

Interestingly, the research determined that UBC’s campus is the ninth most-filmed location in the world.

This may come as a surprise to some, considering it isn’t one of the city’s biggest tourist hot-spots; however, it is extremely large and very beautiful.

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