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Vancouver Marijuana Dispensary Offers Pot And Snoop Dogg Tickets As Voting Incentives

Would a ticket to see Snoop Dogg live in concert motivate you to go vote in the upcoming federal election? A marijuana dispensary in Vancouver hopes so.

The Eden Medicinal Society is taking a new approach to encouraging voters to cast a ballot for the October 19 federal election, which includes perks of Snoop Dogg concerts tickets, and free pot, literally.

According to Danny Kresnyak, the dispensaries campaign manager, there are 15,000 total members in the Eden Medicinal Society, which translates into a strong voice in the upcoming election if those members go out and vote. The perks aren’t restricted to members however, as the dispensaries overall campaign goal is to simply increase the overall voter turnout. They also believe marijuana policy is a big issue tied into the federal election, and a vote not cast is a vote wasted.

When it comes down to voting for a candidate, it doesn’t really matter to the Society who you vote for.

“We’re not about making an explicit comment and saying you vote this way,” said Kresnyak. “We’re about giving people the freedom of choice because we believe that’s the essence of democracy.”

Only members of the Society will be eligible to win the free pot upon proof of voting. As for the Snoop Dogg tickets, both members and non-members are eligible to win.


Image via Michael Caswell

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