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Vancouver Man Wakes Up To Bear Outside His Tent (Video)

David Weale was in for some bear necessities while camping along the Capilano River last week. A gentle bear greeted him directly outside of his tent one morning – and Weale was able to catch the whole experience on camera.

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The nearly 15 minute long video captures the up-close encounter with the bear. Luckily, Weale was unharmed. Although his tent took a bit of beating, which of course was also captured on film.

Weale makes loud noises whenever the bear gets a tad too close, which halts he/she from causing any chaos to the camper. Weale also threw some smoothies away from the tent, which the bear happily consumed. He does warn other campers to never keep food in their tent or surrounding camping area; food items should be kept in your car instead (which can risk some serious damage, too).

The video ends with Weale finally escaping the tiny shelter.

A Reddit user posted the video to the popular site, which caused quite the reaction amongst viewers.

One commenter questioned Weale’s camping location and intentions with the bear, saying, “He spent a significant amount of time making the bear comfortable being near humans. The goal is always to minimize the interaction. Either remove yourself or use bear spray/loud noises to remove the bear. As far as I’m concerned, this guy broke the rules and has essentially killed that bear. It will only be a matter of time now before the CO has to shoot it.”

Although the video’s outcome works in Weale’s favour, the Reddit user does point out some issues that arise from this type of interaction with Mother Nature’s fuzzy friends.

Weale may have experienced something beautiful – and slightly terrifying – but at what cost to the bear?

Recently, a local blogger posted about how a bear had been lured to Garibaldi Lake due to garbage and mess left behind by fellow campers. That bear was killed by a conservative officer after continuously returning to to the campground in hopes of finding more food scraps.

Her powerful blog, titled “You Killed A Bear” was shared widely over social media.

Weale may not have directly encouraged the bear encounter, but by providing he/she with a smoothie reward during their interaction, he may have also sentenced this beautiful creature to death.

Watch the full video here and let us know what you think:

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