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Vancouver Man Purchases Nude Portrait Of Stephen Harper

Vancouver Man Purchases Nude Portrait Of Stephen Harper

A Vancouver man is the proud new owner of a controversial and equally awkward nude portrait of former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The painting was composed by Ontario artist Margaret Sutherland, who titled the portrait “Emperor Haute Couture,” a satirical reference to “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a story by Hans Christian Andersen which focuses on an arrogant king who believes he is more superior than others, and walks around naked.

While Harper did not pose for the painting, Sutherland’s work shows Harper leaning back on a chair with a dog at his feet, and a woman wearing a business outfit offering him a cup of Tim Hortons coffee on a silver platter.

In an interview with CBC, Frederick Ghahramani, the new owner, shared his excitement of his latest purchase, and declared that he plans to share it in front of as many people as possible.

“It’s not about the nudity. It’s a good way of capturing — and I think the artist has done an excellent job of capturing the mood of the last 10 years, where you have basically had a whole group of people in Canada … who felt silenced, whether they are government ministers down to scientists, down to public servants.”

Would you hang, or let alone purchase a portrait of Stephen Harper? Let us know in the comments below!

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