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Vancouver Ranks On List Of Top Global Cities For Long-Term Success

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Vancouver ranked third in Canada for its its nasty bed bug issues; however, the oceanside city was named one of the best cities in the world for long-term success.

Visual Capitalist and the World Economic Forum created a comprehensive list of the top 30 cities that were positioned for sustainability as well as growth.

In the report, cities are identified that are at the forefront of the innovation economy. As such, they looked at key factors including tech firms, education, environment, transparency, infrastructure, and international patents.

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However, the report also identifies the likelihood that these cities can maintain this pace. Indeed, most modern, urbanized cities are technologically advanced, but not all of them are prepared to surge ahead. As such, the report identifies those that successfully attract high-end talent, foster innovation, and maintain competitiveness.

Long-Term Success

long-term success
Photo: World Economic Forum

Vancouver ranked #19 on the list, falling just behind Austin, Texas at #18. In Canada, Toronto ranked #9, cracking the top ten.

San Fransisco took first place, beating out Silicon Valley in second. Evidently, these cities are at the forefront of innovation and growth. Specifically, both cities have robust IT sectors that promote further development and competitiveness down the line.


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