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Vancouver Island: Canada’s 11th Province


Is Vancouver Island set to become Canada’s 11th province? Not likely but there is a chance…

A group called ‘Vancouver Island Province‘ has launched a petition to separate from the British Columbia mainland and is getting quite the attention, although not so positive. The petition makes some valid points, but none that will hold up in the long run. Two key points they focus on are:

  • Vancouver Islands population includes 750,000 people, greater than six of Canada’s provinces and territories.
  • Advocating for the Island’s particular environmental and economic interests.

“Most recently overarching regional, national and global issues have come to the forefront — including needs to meet Island self-sufficiency, food security, energy and economic self-reliance, as well as resource, watershed and ecological health,”


Do you think Vancouver Island should become an independent province? Many have joked on Twitter if the petition went through, Vancouver Island would be the first province to legalize marijuana..

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