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Site of Former Gassy Jack Statue Has Been Turned Into a Skatepark

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The former perch of the Gassy Jack statue now belongs to the skateboarders.

Participants of the 31st annual Women’s Memorial March; however, were not intending to build a skate park when they tore the statue down.

Gassy Jack was toppled during the march on February 14 because “Gassy Jack,” a pioneer bar owner from 1800’s B.C., was also a reported pedophile. 


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Now people skate on his remains.


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Squamish Nation and the City of Vancouver had already come to an agreement to remove the statue, but protesters did it themselves, igniting calls from the nation to remember community safety.

Talks between the two governments had been ongoing since at least 2020. 

In a 2019 short documentary, Audrey Siegl, an activist and artist, noted that “Gassy Jack’s statue still standing there commemorates and celebrates the ongoing devastation of First Nation people, our laws, lands, our gifts, and mostly our women.” and now its gone. 


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