Should Vancouver Foodies Attend The Seattle Street Food Fest?

Should Vancouver Foodies Attend The Seattle Street Food Fest?


Photo: Seattle Street Food Festival/FB

If you’re a foodie you may be wondering if the Seattle Street Food Fest is worth the trip across the border.

The event takes place on August 20th to the 21st and will feature over 60 food trucks, restaurants, pop-ups and booths. According to its Facebook page, 10,000 people are interested in attending.

Unless you frequent Seattle a lot, most of the food trucks will be new to you. If you’re looking to explore the best street food Seattle has to offer, then why not go to a place where they’ll all be gathered together over one glorious weekend?

Our reasons to make a road trip out there are simple: food, food, and more food.

This just a small sampling of the vendors who will be there:

Hot Revolution Donuts


Photo: Hot Revolution Donuts

Mini donuts—whether powdered or glazed, these little treats will keep you coming back for more.

Ben & Jerry’s

One of the top ice cream brands out there has a vendor waiting for you at the festival. Indulge in your favourite flavours from Chunky Monkey to Brownie Batter.

Neema’s Comfort 


Photo: Neema’s Comfort

Home cooking at its finest. Enjoy brisket, ribs, sandwiches, shrimp, mac-n-cheese, BBQ baked beans and cornbread, just to name a few.

Crisp Creperie

Enjoy all kinds of crepes both sweet and savoury. Try the “Skinny Piglet,” which has prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, balsamic glaze and fresh rosemary.

People of the Chubbs


Photo: People of the Chubbs

Gourmet street food that offers amazing burgers, bowls, poutines and more. Try the “Chubbs” burger which has cheddar cheese, tempura fried bacon, arugula, thin-sliced tomato, grilled onion, house sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

My Sweet Little Cakes

If you need something for that sweet tooth, look no further. The red velvet buttermilk cake with dark cherries and sweet cream cheese will be sure to satisfy. They also have savoury options including a new flavour with pulled pork, Cheddar cheese, onions and BBQ maple syrup.

Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe


Photo: Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe

If you like pretzels, just imagine pretzel sandwiches. Try the “Seasquab,” which has a fried egg, Havarti cheese, maple aioli, and poblano pepper slaw on a French toast battered sea salt pretzel. Or think even more outside the box and try the “Dictator,” which has pulled pork, fried pork belly, Swiss cheese, stoneground mustard, pickled jalapenos, and Seattle Pickle Co dill pickles on a pressed cinnamon sugar pretzel.

One reason NOT to attend the festival would be to attend the massive street food festival right here in New Westminster. But if you’re looking for a different variety of food and an activity in addition to shopping, Seattle might be worth the trek!

Seattle Street Food Fest

When: August 20th to the 21st

Where: South Lake Union, 217 9th Avenue, Seattle

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