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Puppy Love: Metro Vancouver’s First Dog Lounge Will Give You All The Feels

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If you love dogs, and let’s be real—who doesn’t? You have to check out this newly-opened dog lounge near Vancouver.

Nestled in Richmond, DogClub Social Lounge is designed with humans in mind and for dogs 30-lbs and under. It provides pup lover’s with an upscale lounge and retail showroom like none other. You can even connect with other single dog owners, while your canine helps break the ice.

With their app, you can get a monthly membership or class passes to take part in with your furry best friend.

DogClub has a café that will host special events and let owners indulge in coffee, tea and light snacks with their four-legged companions.

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The showroom is still under construction but will have everything you could ever need as a pet parent. Find the best dog food, toys, clothing and more.

Visit the high-end dog lounge equipped with TVs, WiFi, video games and of course—lots of play equipment for dogs of all sizes.

These are just a few of the socials planned for the dog lounge:

Morning Mingle

Jumpstart the day. DogClub caters to early risers. Grab a coffee and enjoy a selection of news, music, and games carefully prepared by staff. Giving your dog a chance to work off pent-up energy goes a long way towards a happier, healthier pet. More importantly, it can help prevent destructive outbursts while you’re away from home. 

Evening Social

Hoping to sleep in? There’s nothing like a good, thorough play session to get through the night. This is where we really let loose. Staff members crank up the music as members enjoy a beverage from the café and socialize with others. After a good, long romp, your pup will snooze soundly. You might even be the one to wake up first.

Singles Night

The dating scene is hard. But it helps if you’re around people who share a common interest. Forget speed dating and swiping left. Our hosts foster meaningful friendships and lively conversation through fun, friendly games that revolve around your dog. This is a first for the Vancouver, but we think it makes sense. After all, if you’re going to fall in love, you need your best friend’s approval.

For more information on their membership or classes, visit the website.

Hopefully the 604 gets an Alpaca Cafe in the near future, too!

Richmond Dog Lounge

Location: Richmond Pubic Market, #1180-8260 Westminster Hwy

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