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Vancouver Fans Fall After Railing Collapses at UFC 289 (VIDEO)

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Photos: Dilpreet Randhawa

A scary moment was caught on camera during the UFC 289 event held on June 10, 2023, inside Rogers Arena.

As Mike Malott made his way to the Octagon earlier that night, a few spectators had an unpleasant encounter with a collapsed railing. The exact cause of the incident remains uncertain, but it seems that the stand’s barricade gave way, resulting in several fans falling to the ground.

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Initially, the UFC commentary team speculated that the fans were attempting to join Malott’s walkout, but this turned out to be untrue.

Fortunately, during the first round of Malott’s fight against Adam Fugitt, Jon Anik, the UFC play-by-play announcer, reassured viewers that the fans did not sustain any injuries from the fall.

Nonetheless, it was an unusual and rare occurrence during a UFC pay-per-view event or any event in general.

Watch the video footage below to witness the incident.


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