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Smokers May Face $500 Fine For Improperly Discarding Cigarette Buds


The City of Vancouver is taking a stand with its recent adjustments made to the fire bylaw, in effect now.

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services is implementing a $500 fine for anyone who tosses a cigarette onto the grass or areas that can could potentially become a fire hazard.

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Previously, the fine was only viewed as being a form of littering. Now it is showing how dangerous it is to improperly discard of smoking materials.

Both police officers and fire prevention offers are able to fine someone in violation of the new amendments made to the bylaw.

Vancouverites are encouraged to put their cigarette buds out in an ash tray or one of the many smoking containers across the city.

They are also calling for monoxide alarms to become mandatory in all residential buildings to keep residents safe.

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