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Woman Tells Passenger On Vancouver Bus To “Go Back To Your Country” (Video)

Translink / Vancouver Bus

Photo: Translink / Facebook

A woman riding a Vancouver bus was captured on video telling a passenger to “go back to your country.”

In the video, the woman overhears a woman speaking in her language. In response, she accuses the woman of being racist, and of saying racial comments in a different language.

She asserts that she can knows the woman is doing this because she is “looking right at you.”

As such, she tells her to stop. Afterward, the targeted woman responds by saying that she has a right to speak in her language.

From here, the other woman says, “I don’t give a s**t if you have a right,” and then adds,”go back to your country.”

Eventually, another passenger joins the discussion, saying that people have a right to speak any language.

“They can speak any language they want. I’m First Nations. This is all of our land. This is all of our people’s land,” he states.

Vancouver Bus Incident

Randy Keeping posted footage of the exchange to his YouTube account.

The video, entitled “Racist Couple on Vancouver Transit,” already has 5,483 views.

Recently, a woman was caught in North Vancouver accusing a family of being terrorists.

In addition, a teenage girl reported that a man attacked her moments after she boarded the train at Waterfront Station on Monday, December 6th. Further, the man shouted a slew of racial insults at her, which included threatening to kill all Muslims.


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