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Vancouver is Facing a Boba Shortage That Could Last Months

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Sorry to be spilling the “bubble” tea, but amongst the many things lost during the pandemic, we are now facing a boba shortage.

The reality is that Canada is indeed facing a boba shortage due to shipping delays caused by the pandemic.

There is real concern amongst cafes who sell boba-related drinks and items. As warm weather hits, bubble tea is in high demand. However, with a dwindling supply, there could be in fact no bubble tea this spring.

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Cause of the Boba Shortage

It’s not just boba that is short on supply. Canada is experiencing a shortage all things related to bubble tea: tapioca pearls, popping boba, flavoured syrups, as well as disposable cups.

The shortage is due to shipping delays affecting the global supply chain. This is caused by the pandemic as well as the obstruction of the Suez Canal. Last month, a container ship blocked the trade route, this has caused major delays and backlog. The backlog, in turn has also driven up the wholesale prices of these supplies.

Bubble Tea Canada’s Spokesperson, Greg Tieu, says that most Canadian companies get their bubble tea supplies from Asia.

“This is causing concern among bubble tea cafes and shops in Canada as demand for the drink grows with warmer weather,” Tieu said.

How Long Will This Last?

The shortage has already been going on for two weeks, and it’s expected that it will take months to catch up to the backlog.

In the meantime, Vancouver shops are very much feeling the pinch… as are bubble tea lovers.

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