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Unique Energy Concept For New Telus Towers

Vancouver soon hopes to have a new “district energy system” where carbon dioxide emissions could be reduce by up to one million kilograms per year!

This new energy system will be used on Vancouver’s new TELUS residential and commercial building which has begun construction at Robson and Georgia. How this energy system works is by using the energy the building emits to heat and cool the building itself!

Not only does this re-use approach reduce emissions it also protects and warns residents of the rising energy costs they would otherwise be facing in the future. This concept of recovering what would be lost energy and re-using it in a positive way is yet another reason why Vancouver is slowly being referred to as the one of the most environmentally-friendly urban communities in North America!

The new TELUS towers are proposed to open in 2014 and 2015, so stay tuned!

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