Uber & Lyft Have Officially Been Approved To Operate In The Lower Mainland

Uber Lyft Vancouver Approval

After a long wait and some delays, the BC Passenger Transportation Board has officially approved Uber and Lyft to begin operating in the Metro Vancouver and Whistler.

Both Uber and Lyft were expected in begin operating in Vancouver before the end of 2019, but both were unable to do so.

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Uber arrives in Vancouver months after the company’s reputation hit the gutter as a result of its highly-publicized legal battle over California’s AB5 Bill.

A safety report with some shocking statistics about rides in the U.S. was published by the company in early December, but it has done little dwindle fervor for ride-hailing in Vancouver.

Amidst the long wait, the BC Passenger Transportation Board approved a Whistler-focused ride-hailing company, Whistle, for operation.

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The BC Passenger Transportation Board also simultaneously denied the application of ride-hailing companies ReRyde and Kater.

Other ride-hailing companies that have announced intentions to operate in BC include InOrbis, a ride-hailing company with an all-Tesla fleet.

The Board has said that they’ve receieved a total of 29 ride-hailing applications.

Stay tuned for further details.

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