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UBC To Offer Course On Game Of Thrones In 2016

UBC To Offer Course On Game Of Thrones In 2016

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Winter is coming to UBC, including John Snow and the entire Night’s Watch.

As if a course on Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t cool enough, the university will soon be offering a semester long course examining the Game of Thrones and novelist George R. R. Martin’s heavily popular Song of Ice and Fire books.

The course, titled Our Modern Medieval: The Song of Ice and Fire as contemporary Medievalism, will be taught by Robert Rouse, an associate professor in the university’s Department of English who came up with the idea while teaching a medieval studies class.

The first course will be offered in January 2016 as an elective for fourth year students, with a prerequisite encouraging students to ensure they’re up to date with the books and, or TV series.

According to Rouse, a typical class will include discussing Martin’s works, and then comparing it with medieval texts based on the Middle ages. The goal will be to investigate what the medieval times were really like, and how Martin has been able to re-work the ideas through a dark and modern story.

If all goes well, and King Joffrey doesn’t return from the dead to continue his spree of sabotaging the world, the course will continue to be offered, and eventually open doors to students of lower years as well.

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