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UBC Selects 16 of 29 Varsity Teams For Secure Sports Funding

UBC Confirms Varsity Teams, Eliminates Five

Tuesday January 21st  2014 marked a very happy day for some varsity athletes, while a sad day for others.

During 2012, the University of British Columbia declined joining the NCAA and decided to prioritize it’s funding for varsity sports – $800,000 for selected teams.

While turning down the NCAA frustrated a lot of the athletes and competitors in the community, they also faced the threat of their sports team not being prioritized looming over there head – until now.

UBC has selected the following 16 varsity teams for long term funding:

  • Basketball, men and women.
  • Field Hockey, women.
  • Football, men.
  • Ice Hockey, women.
  • Rugby, men.
  • Soccer, men.
  • Volleyball, women.
  • Cross Country, men and women.
  • Rowing, men and women.
  • Swimming,  men and women.
  • Track and Field, men and women.

A total of 13 varsity teams who weren’t prioritized will have the option of applying for funding in the second stage assessment which will be open until late February. A decision on whether these teams will remain varsity or be moved to competitive club status will be made late next month. Among these teams are men’s hockey and women’s soccer.

Those against the announcement have also created a online petition (saveubcvarsitysports.com) with well over 4,000 signatures.

The changes will take affect in September 2015.

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