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14 TV Shows Filming in Vancouver This Spring

There’s a number of big television series geared up in town into the spring season:

Altered Carbon (Season 1)

thumbnail_1 altered carbon

Network: Netflix
Genre: Sci-fi
Based on novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan.
Production scheduled Sept 28/16 – Jun 20/17

Skydance Media setup shop in Surrey last year with a 75,000 square-foot production studio which will complement their new 8-year deal with Netflix. Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman known for DC’s Suicide Squad and AMC’s The Killing which was adapted from a Danish series and filmed in Vancouver.  Local actress Kristin Lehman who was in the first two seasons of The Killing and was lead in the Canadian police drama Motive is also cast in Altered Carbon.

Arrow (Season 5)

thumbnail_2 arrow (CW)

Network: The CW
Genre:  Superhero
Based on characters from the DC Comics universe
Spin-off of CW’s Smallville / reboot of the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow character
Production scheduled Jul 5/16 – April 20/17

Superhero shows are now a staple of The CW network which has already renewed Arrow for a sixth season. Arrow has also led to spin-off series: The Flash, Vixen and Legends of Tomorrow. DC Comic shows on the network are filmed in Vancouver and known for featuring local actors such as Elysia Rotaru as Taiana Vendekitov.

Date My Dad (Season 1)

thumbnail_3 Date My Dad

Network: UPtv
Genre: Family dramedy
Original scripted series
Production scheduled Jan 17/17 – April 12/17

UPtv is known for airing wholesome family shows such as Growing Pains, Heartland, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven and Parenthood. Their new original series Date My Dad features three Vancouver-based actresses as the daughters of main character Ricky played by Barry Watson. It’s slated to premiere later this year.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (Season 5)

thumbnail_4 GGTD (Bravo)

Network: Bravo
Genre: Adult dramedy
Based on the book series of the same name by Vicki Iovine
Production scheduled Jan 24/17 – Mar 23/17

Last spring Bravo network renewed the spunky adult comedy-drama for 3 seasons in one-go, making the current one under production its fifth and final. It stars Lisa Edelstein known for playing Lisa Cuddy on House. Check out our interview with local actress Alison Thornton who landed a recurring role on Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Production of the final season wraps up a couple days into Spring ’17.

Lost in Space (Season 1)

thumbnail_5 Lost in Space (original)

Network: Netflix
Genre: Sci-fi
Remake of the original Lost in Space
Production scheduled Jan 23/17 – Jun 26/17

Lost in Space is a classic sci-fi franchise that goes back to the 1960’s. Since then it’s had spin-offs that include soundtracks, comics, a novel, a cartoon, a feature film and second TV series. Now, the third TV version has been picked up by Netflix for a 10-episode season in 2018. It stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (House of Cards).

Lucifer (Season 2)

thumbnail_6 lucifer (fox)

Network: Fox
Genre: Police procedural / fantasy / dramedy
Based on characters from DC Comics
Production scheduled Jun 20/16 – April 6/17

Fans were happy when Fox ordered a full 22-episode second season of Lucifer, almost doubling the first season’s 13 episodes.  Principal photography is filmed both in Los Angeles and Vancouver while the plot centres around the Devil assisting an LAPD detective.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code (Season 1)

thumbnail_7 reboot the guardian code (rainmaker entertainment)

Genre:  Sci-fi/action-adventure
Production scheduled Feb 20/17 – Mar 27/17

This classic Canadian CGI-animated series has been revived into a live-action / animated hybrid. ReBoot: The Guardian code wraps up production early spring and has a lot of childhood fans excited!  Not only is the animation side of the show being produced by local Rainmaker Entertainment’s TV division Mainframe Entertainment, but the live-action component of the show is also in Vancouver.

Somewhere Between (Season 1)

thumbnail_8 abc

Network: ABC
Genre: Drama/Supernatural
Based on Korean drama format
Production scheduled Mar 6/17 – Jun 15/17

After not renewing Mistresses which was also filmed locally, ABC made a straight-to-series order of Somewhere Between. The original scripted drama will join their Summer ’17 programming for 10 episodes.

Supergirl (Season 2)

thumbnail_9 supergirl (CW)

Network: The CW
Genre: Superhero
Based on DC Comics universe characters
Production scheduled July 25/16 – April 26/17

Perhaps near the brink of cancellation on CBC after a full first season order, Supergirl swiftly moved to The CW for its second season and is already renewed for a third. It’s on this network that it sits at home in a superhero lineup that also includes local productions Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. It stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. Before being a superhero she was known for her role on Glee.

Supernatural (Season 12)

thumbnail_10 supernatural (CW)

Network: The CW
Genre: Supernatural
Production scheduled July 12/16 – April 26/17

The longest-running sci-fi series in all of North America has no signs of slowing down as it’s in the middle of its ‘dozenth’ season and already renewed for lucky number 13. Supernatural has been a long-standing Vancouver television production, pumping millions into the economy in terms of job and creating a strong local fan-base. It stars fellow Texans Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as brothers hunting everything supernatural.

The Flash (Season 3)

Network: The CW
Genre: Superhero
Based on DC Comics universe characters / spin-off of Arrow
Production scheduled July 7/16 – April 21/17

Barry Allen / Flash come to life by Virginia-born actor Grant Gustin in CW’s The Flash.  The third time must be the charm as it’s already been renewed for a fourth season.

UnReal (Season 3)

thumbnail_12 unreal (lifetime)

Network: Lifetime
Genre: Adult satire
Production scheduled Feb 1/17 – May 11/17

Reality television is on display, in a television show. UnReal dramatizes the likes of The Bachelor into it’ own ‘unreal’ world centered around producing reality TV for the masses.  It stars Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer and Canadian actress Genevieve Buechner.

Van Helsing (Season 2)

thumbnail_13 van helsing (syfy)

Network: Syfy
Genre: Drama/fantasy/horror
Based on the Helsing graphic novel series
Production scheduled Feb 9/17 – Jun 16/17

Vampires are infesting Vancouver for the re-imagning of Van Helsing. The age-old feud of Dracula and Abraham Van Helsing continues as his descendent Vanessa is resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world to resist the vampire plague. The first season was available on Syfy and Netflix Canada.

Zoo (Season 3)

14 zoo (CBS)

Network: CBS
Genre: Thriller drama
Production scheduled Jan 23/17 – Jun 20/17

Despite declining ratings, CBS renewed Zoo for a third season and also has a streaming deal with Netflix. The animal versus human show stars James Wolk, Kristen Connoloy, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke and more.

Production schedules are according to CRBC as of January 26/17.



By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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