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Tanker Truck Brutally Crushes Cyclist’s Bike On Vancouver Highway (VIDEO)

truck crushes

Photo: Joshua Fan / YouTube

Dashcam footage has captured a number of close calls on Metro Vancouver streets; however, a recent video shows an especially terrifying encounter where a tanker truck crushes a bike.

While collisions between cars are scary enough, watching the massive vehicle total a flimsy bike is truly painful. For one, the cyclist is still on her bike when the ordeal takes place. As a result, she could have easily been taken under the truck and subsequently killed.

Luckily, however, the woman hops her bike and releases it. From here, it is pulled under the tanker, where it is crushed beneath a wheel.

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Tanker Truck Crushes Bike

The incident took place in Vancouver on Rupert St heading south towards Grandview; the video was posted to YouTube on Wednesday, July 4th.

The truck was driving up the highway alongside the bike before it made the problematic right turn that pulled the bike underneath.

While the woman appears unharmed, her bike was likely destroyed in the encounter.


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