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Trip To Mars Costs $500,000

Ever dreamed about visiting the planet Mars? Well your dreams could become a reality if you have $500,000 burning in your pocket to spare! Introducing a new type of travel, SpaceX is hoping to send people to Mars through Nasa’s new commercial partners.

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, is the creator of this possibility, where a set up using the Falcoln 9 launcher and the Dragon vessel as means of transporting people and cargo to the space station. The reason for the hefty price tag, is so that this operating system can mature for about a decade, and the price tag will help with it’s fundings. Late 2012, or even 2013, we can hope for a demonstration of this voyage to mars, however it may be anywhere from 10-15 before people can expect to be able to visit the red planet.

Would you consider visiting the red planet?

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