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TransLink Survey Addresses Compass Card Storage

Has The Compass Card Lost Direction?

The results of TransLink’s new poll “How do you carry your Compass Card?” were recently published to their Buzzer blog:

  • Wallet 34%
  • Phone case 19%
  • Loose 15%
  • Plastic sleeve 13%
  • Lanyard 12%
  • Other 6%

TransLink suggests not carrying Compass Cards “on or in” phone cases as they may be stopped from tapping correctly. Similarly traditional wallets may interfere when trying to tap because of other chip cards held inside.

While removing the card from a wallet for each use may be inconvenient, separate plastic cases or lanyards are recommended.

Some compass card holders who expressed their opinions suggested Translink should allow users to upload their cards and credit on to their smartphones for convenience, similar to the Transit provider in London, England.



By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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