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Translink Rules; Do You Follow Them?

Have you ever been on a transit vehicle, minding your own business when suddenly you notice someone engaging in annoying, embarrassing and even illegal behaviours?

Well you’re not alone, many Vancouverites share the same frustrations!

TransLink users say that strange and illegal behaviour patterns can vary on the day of the week, and the time, but many have noted that Friday’s and Saturday’s are always crazy due to the abundance of drunk people coming from the clubs.

Commuters have seen people come onto TransLink vehicles in the nude, drugged-out, opening beer bottles and even smoking crack!

Former Vancouver city councillor Gordon Price believes that we should judge what kind of activity we see on TransLink vehicles based on where we are, what we’re doing, and what time of the day it is.

TransLink spokesperson Drew Snider suggests that the easiest solution would be to hit the yellow strip, that is located inside various locations of TransLink vehicles. By hitting the yellow strip a TransLink representative will be notified and on their way, the quickest way in his opinion to get rid of loudmouthed jerks!

Check out the list below of official TransLink rules!


TransLink rules

1. No loitering.

2. No foul, insulting, abusive, or inappropriate language.

3. No conduct contrary to public order.

4. No baggage or objects permitted which may obstruct or interfere with others or cause damage to property.

5. No riding bicycles, skateboards or similar devices on transit property, except on bike paths. Bicycles are only permitted on exterior racks of buses and on other transit vehicles as authorized by signage.

6. No use of audio devices unless sound is audible only to the user.

7. No soliciting.

8. No panhandling.

9. No distribution of merchandise or printed material, except:

(a) distribution of printed material for non-commercial purposes will be permitted on transit properties, other than transit vehicles or fare-paid zones, provided such activities:

(i) do not impede the movement of passengers,

(ii) do not hinder access to ticket vending machines,

(iii) do not result in littering, and

(iv) are not otherwise incompatible with the provision of transit services; or

(b) as authorized by a transit employee.

10. No littering or spitting. All litter and recyclables must be placed in the appropriate receptacle.

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