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Translink Looking To Add Public Bathrooms Along High Traffic Stops

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Some people’s morning commute to work is over an hour on transit and this can be problematic if one needs to go to the bathroom. That is why, in response to customer feedback, Translink is looking to install public bathrooms along its routes at high traffic stops.

For many adults transiting for an hour or longer is not an issue. For others, or for people travelling with children, it can be a significant obstacle to using public transit.

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At this point, people with medical issues requiring increased bathroom usage, must rely on private businesses along transit routes for a bathroom; or, they just don’t make long transit trips at all. 

Public transit should be accessible to everyone and having public washrooms makes transit more accessible. 

The bathroom discussions are part of Translink’s Customer Experience Action Plan. It brings a whole host of improvements with it, and at this point it’s up to the city to decide which it implements. 

It’s not just a matter of building public washrooms but maintaining them for safety and hygiene. 

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