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TransLink Wants To Put Pigeons On Birth Control Pills


A falcon wasn’t enough to get rid of TransLink’s pigeon problem; spikes and netting couldn’t do the job either.

So, what now?

Well, birth control, of course. Yup, you read that right. Birth control.

TransLink Using Birth Control

According to a press release by TransLink, the company, along with the BC SPCA are working together to “humanely” lower the pigeon population at the VCC-Clark SkyTrain Station. They’re doing this by putting pigeons on the pill.

Seems like the next logical step, right?

Translink states, an automatic bird feeder will dispense the birth control pill: OvoControl, to pigeons. Pigeons that consume the “bait pellets” regularly will not be able to fertilize eggs, thus preventing and reducing pigeon populations naturally.

OvoControl is “a non-toxic, effective and humane contraception,” which is being used in other cities for the same reason.

According to TransLink, studies have shown that OvoControl can reduce pigeon populations by 50 to 90 per cent.

Dr. Sara Dubois, Chief Scientific Officer with the BC SPCA explains,although pigeons can breed quickly, their urban lifespans are short.

With fewer new pigeons born, the population around SkyTrain stations will lower naturally and cause fewer operational issues. Such issues include triggering intrusion alarms, causing the train to brake automatically.

“OvoControl has been approved for use by Health Canada and only has contraceptive effects in birds,” said Dubois.

TransLink also says, the public can do their part to reduce the pigeon population by not feeding the birds.

Along with the BC SPCA, the Vancouver Humane Society and Wildlife Rescue Association all support this cause.

If successful, the pilot project may move on to other stations.

This is where we’re at now.

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