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Top Takeaways From CIMC 2016

Oli Gardner

CIMC 2016 is in the books and it’s safe to say it was a resounding success!

The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference welcomed some of the world’s brightest minds in the marketing, and internet industry to Squamish, B.C. who offered the businesses, marketers, and students in the crowd a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear their insight in the ever changing business world we live in.

604 Now made the trip up to Squamish thanks to Ford’s all new 2016 Focus Titanium.

Below our 10 key takeaways from the conference.

1. Leah Gregg is one amazing host!

Leah Gregg

Throughout the entire two days Leah welcomed speakers, initiated dialogue, and put the perfect personal touch on the conference getting the audience engaged, and excited for what is next.

A little about Leah Gregg, as the Director of Amplification at Rethink, one of Canada’s largest independent creative agencies, she’s helped earn billions of impressions in the press and on social for Rethink’s most viral campaigns like the Uber Safe Breathalyzer, Molson Canadian Beer Fridge, Luge for the CIDI, honest election signs for the No Ford Nation, and the Science of Sexuality for Science World.

2. You hold the power

retail marketing

You the consumer hold all the power, and businesses realize that, and are embracing this latest trend in marketing.

In a world full of influences, and numerous avenues of information before making any purchasing decision we often go visit websites that offer reviews, talk with friends, or even post a status on Facebook, and see what people have to say about.

Gone are the days that businesses can shove stuff in your face, and expect you to buy it.

3. Find purpose and meaning


Vicki Mcleod (Main Street Communications Ltd), and Christina Crook (Author of The Joy of Missing Out) both spoke on the nature, and makeup of todays world that has a huge emphasis on technology, and in many cases sees us forget what is around us before it is too late.

Christina’s book has made her a leading voice in a growing movement towards a more human relationship with modern technology. We all are busy on a daily basis but cutting back being on our devices may help us feel more refreshed, and alive.

A business and personal coach, consultant and trainer, Vicki is an advocate for everyday happiness, mindfulness, and living a passionate and engaged life.

So maybe it is time for you to get unplugged.

4. Its more than just clicks

PR panel

Gone are the days when you could just analyze how many page visits you were getting by tracking clicks, and knowing exactly what trends, and patterns you should watch for.

Analytics have come such a long way in just a few years, offering individuals, and businesses more advanced metrics to assess their work. The data collected today is geared more towards how, and why are things like email sign ups, subscriptions, and surveys popular with people.

This line of thinking dives deeper to identify exactly what ads, campaigns, and promotions are interesting people, rather than allowing clicks determine your level of success.

5. Brands thrive online


If you asked anyone even five years ago that their brand could thrive let alone survive on social media they would call you crazy.

Forward to today, and if your brand i not online you are at a great disadvantage. The rise of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have allowed brands to project their brand online, and reach an audience that is too large to reach with traditional marketing techniques.

Factor in everyone owning a smart phone, and you have officially entered the digital age where social trumps all.

6. Growth potential in China is enormous

Kevin Li

We have seen it here in the Metro Vancouver area through our real estate market the level of interaction British Columbia has with China, and the potential for businesses in Vancouver to expand in China is here.

Offering a large consumer base, China’s enormous population size offers business something no other country can offer.

On top of that China is becoming the next zone of trade, and innovation, meaning your business would get access to the newest innovations from the best.

7. Your business can do better advertising 

Jon Malach

You may already be doing this, but there are many who aren’t and are doing a disservice to their brand.

Native Ads CEO Jon Malach says he sees many businesses take their advertisements straight to an editor, and ask them to publish it, putting in so much money that completely blows their marketing budget.

Solution? Test your content on a mini or micro site that way you can see how your campaign does before investing so much with little to no gain.

8. Dark Social needs to be embraced 

Telus panel

Justin Young, Creative Director/Co-Founder of Village & Co. refers to the social media platforms that people, and businesses are not aware of, and are not using.

What are these? Snapchat, texting, and other messaging apps that no one is utilizing to track data, and see trends in their follower, and consumer base.

These platforms many predict will be the future, and the time to use them, and effectively has almost arrived.

9. Google is King


Many businesses have come, and gone, yet Google has remained the most innovative, and ground-breaking in specializing Internet-related services and products.

These services include many online advertising services, while most of its profits have come from Adwords.

Fab Nolan, Head of Marketing at Google Canada, says that Google has successfully adapted to the changing world, and is always adapting new schemes.

10. Squamish is absolutely gorgeous

squamish aerial

In recent years it has been getting much more attention, yet is still largely overshadowed by neighbouring Whistler, and Vancouver.

The Squamish people are an indigenous people whose homeland includes the present day area of Squamish, British Columbia. They have inhabited an area of southwestern British Columbia that includes North and West Vancouver, Howe Sound, Whistler, the areas surrounding the tributaries entering Howe Sound, Burrard Inlet, and English Bay.

With an overabundance of history, it offers a breathtaking getaway giving you the perfect chance to go for a plane ride, jet skiing, hiking, or try out some local beer.

At the end of the day, Squamish was a perfect location for the event. The Ford Focus was packed with technology that made the trip up to CIMC a breeze. The innovative lane-keeping system was nice to have considering the windy drive up to Squamish, the car uses cameras to “look” down the road and ensure the Focus is staying within lane boundaries. It was nice to have such a safe and innovative ride for this trip.

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