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Top 3 “Sweet Food” Eats in Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the top tourist destinations we have in the city. Inside the market you can buy an abundance of fresh fruit, produce, cheese, pastas, seafood and meats. The displays are magazine-ready and stunning. Strawberries and cherries placed strategically in a dazzling pyramid will even make a carnivore think twice. Pastries and fresh-baked goods will entice your senses, leaving you already planning your next trip back. Here is a list of my top three can’t miss “sweet treats” on the island.

3). La Baguette’s Apple Strudel

Walking into La Baguette you’re immediately engulfed in that fresh-baked-bread/bakery-smell. The smell that makes you think “what diet?”. My eyes were instantly drawn to the apple strudel in the corner of the oh-so-perfect display of all the goodies they had to offer. After asking what their all-time best seller was, I was not surprised to hear it was just the one I was eyeing. At least I can say I have some sort of sixth sense for pastries.

At first glance it has this beautiful golden flaky crust, egg wash sheen and simple yet alluring white icing drizzled over the top. The filling is perfection with tender sweet apples and hints of cinnamon and cloves. Cranberries are added for their tartness that evens out all the flavors of the pastry. The filling has a luscious feel to it, one that makes you crave seconds.

La Baguette is located right outside the Granville Island Market, next to Bridges.
Apple Strudel $2.99 + tax.

2). Salmon Nuggets at the Salmon Shop

I know what you’re thinking – salmon doesn’t belong in a list of sweet treats. However these salmon nuggets at the Salmon Shop pack in just the right amount of sweetness that they’re just as addicting as candy. Hence their nickname, Salmon Candy. Their display of bite-size chunks of juicy smoked salmon, glistening with a maple syrup coating had me hooked like a fish – no pun intended.

I was told the brown sugar glazed was the best seller. They were right – it was delightful. However, my favorite had to be the sweet maple. The candy element of the glaze paired perfectly with the tenderness of the salmon. I found this to be the juiciest of their selection with just the right amount of sweetness that didn’t over power the delicate flavor of the salmon. It has this melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s comparable to slow-cooked baby back ribs. An added plus: all the salmon is local and wild!

The Salmon Shop is located inside the Granville Island Market
Salmon Candy is $5.50/100 grams (approx. 5 pieces)

1). Honey Dip Donut at Lee’s Donuts and Crepes

For all you donut lovers out there, this locally owned bakery will soon become your new favorite. Of all the times I’ve been to Granville Island, I have never seen this place without a line up. With more than 20+ flavors to choose from, this little gem is definitely my number one must-see for Granville Island sweet treats. Not only do they sell donuts and donut holes, they also have a selection of cinnamon buns, muffins, and fritters the size of a medium pizza. You could easily share one between five people – no joke.

After drooling over the flavors for five minutes, I finally asked what the best selling donut was. With confidence, I was told it was the classic honey dip and that if I waited an extra ten minutes I could get one from a fresh batch. Those ten minutes were definitely worth the wait. I was handed my heavenly fried ring of dough and I could feel the warmth of the donut through the paper bag. The first bite tickled my taste buds with its sweet glaze, perfectly fried, soft dough and its fluffy interior. Hands down the best donut I have ever tasted.

Lee’s Donuts is located inside the Granville Island Market.
Donuts are available for $1.61
Be sure to go early, as they are known to sell out fast!

Written by: Melanie Booth


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