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Top 10 Cheating Neighbourhoods In The 604

Ever wonder if the people you live across the street from ever cheat on their significant others when given the opportunity? Well AshleyMadison.com, an affair website has released the top 10 cheating neighborhoods in the Metro Vancouver area, per capita, and the results are very, very interesting.

Who tops the list you might wonder? With so many different neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver are you surprised to know that Kitsilano has the highest chances of adultery in our area! Is it the people that live in Kitsilano that have this cheating quality to them, or is it something about the area that draws certain personality types towards it?

Founder and CEO of AshleyMadison.com, Noel Biderman claims that in Vancouver, who you are is strongly related to where you live, much like many other larger cities, where every neighbourhood has its own personality that traditionally matches that of its citizens.

It was also found that members in Burnaby have the most children, while Yaletown has the most single members, and Downtown has the most female members! AshleyMadison.com has 13 million members across a span of 22 countries, and currently has 1.2 million Canadian members.

Here’s the full list of Vancouver’s top 10 cheating neighbourhoods per capita:

1. Kitsilano

2. West Vancouver

3. Shaughnessy

4. Burnaby

5. Yaletown

6. Downtown

7. Surrey

8. Richmond

9. New Westminster

10. MacKenzie Heights

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