Tim Hortons Truck Offering Free Coffee in Vancouver

Tim Hortons Truck Offering Free Coffee in Vancouver

Know of a deserving project, or individual in your community?

For today only, Tim Hortons is putting on their Cup of Good Deeds initiative, which is accepting requests for deeds you believe should be completed in your community. These deeds will then be fulfilled by Tim Horton’s staff.

As part of its #WarmWishes holiday campaign, Tim Hortons is bringing the Cup of Good Deeds to Vancouver to lend a helping hand in your community and hear your stories.

Cup of Good Deeds will be at the north corner of Burrard St. & Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver. In addition, there will be a Tim Hortons Coffee Truck, offering free cups of coffee in a festive atmosphere.

Whether the deed is big or small, head over today from 7:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. to submit them to a team member.

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