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Tiki Time: The Waldorf is Re-Open for Business

Tiki Time: The Waldorf is Re-Open for Business

The tiki-themed Waldorf Hotel has been a staple in East Vancouver for over 65 years.  Over time it lost some of its luster, but in 2010 a few individuals returned it to its former glory and The Waldorf once again became a cultural hub and the go-to place for music and entertainment.

Unfortunately, in January 2013, the building was sold to developers who were rumored to be tearing it down to create condos. Many people were outraged that yet another historic building in Vancouver was going to be demolished and began to protest. Thankfully Mayor Gregor Robertson intervened and the construction plans were never executed. After the Waldorf was reclaimed they continued to hold smaller shows but were never able to attract as many guests as before.

Tiki Time: The Waldorf is Re-Open for Business

However, that’s all in the past. Under new management the infamous Waldorf hosted it’s Grand Re-Opening Party on Friday, September 20th and it did not disappoint. Upstairs, the Tiki Bar was packed with people grooving to DJ-Evo and his strictly vinyl mix: an eclectic collection of funk, old school dance music and hip hop. Downstairs the Tabu room and the Hideaway were also bumping, each hosting their own variety of dj’s and artists playing everything from trap to slow jams to 80’s dance.

If you missed Fridays Party don’t fear because there’s lots more events coming up.  Marketing director and talent buyer, Jon Campbell, gave the low down of what to look forward to. Every Friday night the Tiki Bar will feature Adventures in Paradise w/ DJ Evo & Friends. Saturdays will be Paradise City presented by Intimate. Then, starting October 1st there will be live Latin Jazz and a DJ in the Tiki Bar as well as food and cocktails. The Waldorf will also be holding a Simpson’s trivia night one Monday a month. Ay carumba !

They’re also in the process of planning a huge 3-4 room Halloween party that you won’t want to miss. It looks like The Waldorf is back and here to stay!

If you have any ideas for events contact the Waldorf at [email protected] or Check them out on Facebook at ‘At The Waldorf’.



Written by Ruby Woodruff

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