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Thousands Gathered At Vancouver Art Gallery To Participate In Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Vancouver, a demonstration aimed at protesting financial inequality and poverty, occured this Saturday. Around 10 a.m. at Vancouver Art Gallery, protesters surrounding the streets causing traffic closures throughout the day.

Participants cheered on speakers, started chants, and even carried signs displaying messages ranging from anti-corporate sentiments to animal welfare issues. There was also music and dancing as protesters remained peaceful and relaxed throughout the day.

Cst. Jana McGuinness stated:
“It was billed as a peaceful and lawful protest and that’s what we’ve seen so far today,It’s been a pretty good crowd”

The British Columbia Federation of Labour urged people to continue speaking out for their beliefs. President of the B.C. Federation of Labour, Jim Sinclair, stated:
“We’re encouraging people to come here today and send that message to decision makers — to government, to the people that live in the top of these towers. There’s got to be fairness in Canada and in British Columbia”

Starting in New York, the protest has grown into a world-wide movement. Occupy demonstrations have been held throughout B.C.

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