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25 Things Considered Normal In Vancouver But Nowhere Else

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Vancouver is anything but a normal city, but that’s what makes it amazing and why many of us choose to live here. Just like any other city, there’s pros and cons that ultimately make Vancouver unique.

While some of us were born here and Vancouver is all we know, others moved in and find certain things rather interesting. We asked our audience ‘what’s considered normal in Vancouver but not anywhere else’ and they didn’t hold back. Scroll below for the most notable responses.

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Please note, this is a crowd-sourced list, 604 Now did not come up with these answers. Some of these are directly quoted, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of 604 Now staff.


“9 months of rain”


“Rent being 65% of your income 🥲”


“Using an umbrella when it snows”


“Absolute panic on the roads with 1 cm of snow”

“Ghosting on the regular. Locals saying “Let’s hangout” just before they vanish in thin air to never be seen or heard from again.”


“Expecting our kids to drop a million dollars for a starter home”


“Full blown Rainbows on a boring Tuesday afternoon”


“Our multiculturalism”


“Being able to go skiing/snowboarding, go hiking and then hit the beach all in the same day”


“Fireworks on Halloween”

“That it’s socially unacceptable to have a casual, no-strings conversation with someone you don’t know at a bar”

Saying thank you to the bus driver.

Many argued that this was not uncommon elsewhere, some said maybe it was a Canadian thing as it happens in Toronto. Apparently it happens in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland and Northern Ireland as well.


“A discount on bubble tea when it rains” (it’s true)


“Still having 8 roommates in our 30s because we can’t afford to live alone yet.”


“Gas prices costing you an arm + your leg”


“A chandelier hanging under a bridge”

Massive $1.2 Million Chandelier Approved For Granville Street Bridge
Photo: Submitted

“Laundering filthy offshore money via real estate, pricing out all the locals, and having no one from police to government give a shit.”
This was swiftly countered with “That’s simply gentrification and literally happens everywhere. I’ve lived in both LA and SF, and both are way worse. And it’s not because of money laundering.”


“Skunk smell, and not knowing if it’s a skunk, pot or skunk cabbage.” Or otherwise put, “The mixed stench of urine and pot on Granville.”


“People wear shorts and sandals in the middle of winter when it rains everyday.”


“Driving a Lamborghini with an L on the bumper”

Excessive Speeding
Photo: Ridge Meadows RCMP / Twitter

“Fried pickles.”


“Brits go no where without their umbrella. Lots of Vancouverites walk in the rain like its not really happening.”


“Flip flops in the rain”

normal in vancouver“4 lanes of traffic down to 1 before bridges and tunnels..”


“Taking selfies with a barge stuck at the beach”


And there you have it.. Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let us know by commenting below.

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