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The Top 5 Sunset Locations In Vancouver

The Top 5 Sunset Locations In Vancouver

There is a reason why they call it “beautiful British Columbia.” Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and not to mention the Pacific Ocean, we arguably have the most breathtaking landscape on the West Coast. Our outdoor surroundings also happen to be the ideal scenery for the outstanding sunsets that take over the night sky each evening.

However, if you want to get an Instagram-worthy sunset pic in the 604, look no further.

Top 5 Sunset Locations In Vancouver

1.  The Seawall
The Vancouver Seawall is one of the top sunset locations for many reasons. First of all, being 22 km long, the Seawall allows you to bike, rollerblade, or walk quite a ways, all while keeping the sky above and ocean within view. You’ll also be able to see Vancouver’s twinkling lights at many points along the path. Thus, you can watch the sun go down around the water, mountains, and the city. Some of the top spots to stop along the Seawall for sunset-watchers include Coal Harbour, English Bay Beach, and Kitsilano Beach.


2. Grouse Mountain
The view of the Lower Mainland from Grouse Mountain is astonishing, and gives you a true bird’s-eye view to enjoy the sunset. Of course, even if you aren’t one to ski or snowboard, you can still take advantage of this sunset-watching location, with Grouse’s Skyride, which can transport you up the mountain. With rides departing every 15 minutes until 10pm, you won’t have to worry about missing the sunset, and can catch the view at various elevations!


3.  White Rock Pier
As the sun sets, the view from the White Rock Pier is simply magical. At 1,500 feet long, the pier stretches into the ocean and gives you a view of both the water and land in the distance. If you want to step back and catch a view of the pier and sunset, walk up to the mini look-out by the Centennial Clock. Along the promenade by the water, and the pier, there are also various benches so you can sit down and take in the peaceful ambiance.


4. Burnaby Mountain
Burnaby Mountain Park offers a tranquil setting, in which to watch a sunset. With a large open hillside, surrounded by trees, there is plenty of space to stand and watch. Also, with various trails on Burnaby Mountain, you can spend your time before the sun goes down, exploring the various views. Just make sure you are bear aware – as they do frequent the area!


5. Whytecliff Park
West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park also offers a great sunset watching location by the water, located along Howe Sound. The area is rocky, however the rocks certainly make a good seat if you want to sit and watch the sky! There are also some paths that allow you to climb up a little higher onto the surrounding cliffs, to get a better view. Additionally, when the tide is low, many enjoy exploring the little island located just off of the shore, so be sure to arrive early enough to look around!




Written by: Kerri J

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