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The Top Vancouver Headlines We’d Like To See in 2014

10 Things That Will Never Change in Vancouver

The Top Vancouver Headlines We'd Like To See in 2014

Happy New Years everyone! 2013 was an amazing year and 2014 is sure to be an even greater year for all of us in the 604. 2013 was a great year for Vancouver for numerous reasons like from the announcement of a Trump Tower being built in Vancouver to the NHL’s announcement that a NHL Heritage Classic will be played in Vancouver between the hometown Vancouver Canucks and the Ottawa Senators. Here is a list of 8 headlines we hope will be made in Vancouver in 2014


“The Canucks win the Stanley Cup”
Canucks fans have been waiting for this one for a very long time, and I really do mean a very long time. The Canucks have never won the Stanley Cup before and we all hope in Vancouver and in BC that will change in 2014. The Canucks made core remain intact and with a new head coach in John Tortorella, the Canucks are poised to have a strong run this year.


“The NBA has returned to Vancouver!”
Continuing with the sports trend I sure hope the NBA returns back to the 604. Now I know this is a long shot, but the city and its people deserve one. It was not long ago when Canucks ownership tried bringing the Indiana Pacers to Vancouver. That is highly unlikely now due the Pacers tremendous success, but there are many other franchises going no where who could use a fresh start, and a team like the Milwaukee Bucks comes to mind. Make it happen Adam Silver!


“No Pipeline In BC”
All environmentalists will be hoping that the Enbridge Pipeline does not make its way into BC. With so much at stake for the enironment and its surroundings, it would be best for this pipeline project to be shutdown before it does any real harm BC’s environment although opponents will argue that a pipeline is safer than transporting gas on trains.


“UBC Sex Offender Identified”
This is is safe to say everyone hopes to achieve in 2014. From April to October a male predator was targeting female students at UBC’s point grey campus, which left the public scared. Students attending UBC had to be extra careful while walking around campus late at night, and nightly walking services were made available to students who did not feel safe walking around campus alone. Lets all hope justice is served in 2014.


“Canada Post Says It Was All A Joke”
Late 2013, Canada Post announced that they would be putting an end to door-to-door delivery in urban areas and boosting the cost of stamps in a bid to halt a skid into financial ruin. In other words, mail men wouldn’t be delivering your mail right to your door anymore. We trust the accountants and management over at Canada Post have done some re-calculations and plan to make cuts in other ways.


“Translink Drops Prices”
Over the year’s, Translink has increased fare prices and it seems as though they will continue to do so considering all the future plans they have set. The Compass Card, which was supposed to take effect in December 2013, will also reduce a lot of benefits users received with a monthly pass.


“House Prices Drop in Vancouver”
Lets put this one under “Never going to happen” but hey we can all pray it happens. In a city as beautiful as Vancouver where we have beautiful scenery, an amazing night scene, and limitless career opportunities, people are going to flock over to Vancouver. Now as a result of such high demand, prices are going to go up. Now unless people all of a sudden decide not to move to Vancouver, or an economic crisis like the one we experienced in 2008 occur in 2014, house prices are going to remain high and those high rises will continue to pop up all over the city.


“BC Place Opens Their Roof For Big Concerts In The Summer”BC Place is notorious for their expensive roof which was recently renovated and has the option of literally opening up. It’s common to see the roof open for some of the Vancouver Whitecaps and BC Lions games but never has it been open for a concert. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s tour in 2013 was supposed to be the first time BC Place debuted their open roof for a show, but it didn’t end up happening.


Written by: Hamed Amiri

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