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The Best Pizza Receipt Canucks Fans Will Ever See

What beats hunger? Loyalty!

If you’re a real Canucks fan and there’s a playoff game on, chances are the only time you’ll leave your seat for any reason is during a commercial break or in between periods. If you’re watching the game with your friends and suddenly there’s a task that needs to be completed, like getting the beer,  or picking up the food you just ordered, you find yourself playing the “not me” game in hopes one of your peers will take care of business on your behalf as you watch Luongo save another shot with his blocker and have you going “Luuuu”. But what happens when there is no friend to turn to?

The pizza receipt below was printed after a customer ordered a pizza for pick-up, then called moments later to inform the pizza joint he’ll need to make that pick-up a delivery as the Canucks had just tied the game and he could no longer leave his house.

pizza receipt

Customer cancelled pick-up… RESENDING AS DELIVERY… canucks have tied game, cannot leave house to pick-up.”

The picture of the pizza receipt was taken during the 2013 playoff run.

Photo Credit: BrandiBean


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