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‘The Audience’ Casting Call Vancouver 2013

W Network and The Audience are looking for families or individuals in Vancouver that are faced with a dilemma, having a difficult time with the decision, looking for some advice and would like to share their journey.

Some examples of dilemmas that the Audience is considering are:

Should I join the family business?
Should I sell the family business?
Should we downsize to simplify life?
Should we relocate for better schools/closer to work/better lifestyle?
Should we get married?
Should we call off our wedding?
Should we kick out our adult child that is still living with us?
Should I move out of my parents home?
Should I homeschool my child?
Should I be a stay-at-home dad?
Should I place my elderly parent in care or move them into my home?
Should I sell it all and take off on an extended adventure?

The Audience is a transformative, caring and compassionate social series. Each one-hour episode focuses on an individual or family who is struggling with a life-changing decision and is at a crossroads in their life. The inspiration for the show is the modern trend of crowd sourcing. Every day, millions of users on Twitter and Facebook consult their family, friends & followers for advice. Many of our major decisions are played out online. The Audience brings the concept of social networking to television and explores the question: Can the wisdom of the crowd change a person’s life for the better?

The Audience employs a clever and surprising format. For one week, the individual is followed by ‘The Audience;’ 50 ordinary, insightful people from diverse backgrounds. ‘The Audience’ puts their heads together, debates the dilemma, and comes up with the best possible solution… the wisdom of the crowd. At the end of the week, ‘The Audience’ presents its considered, collective, and thoughtful advice to the individual that should help them move forward and make a positive decision regarding their dilemma.

Do you fit the requirements? Set up a time for your audition HERE.

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