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The 5 Guys You Need in Your Entourage

An entourage is a group of attendants or associates you surround yourself with, in other words, your “crew” of friends.

Just like the Avengers, or a Basketball team, each member of your entourage needs to specialize in a different personality, a good circle of friends also needs a wide range of useful skills. Below is a list of the top 5 Guys You Need in Your Entourage.

1. The Big Brother
Fill the first spot in your entourage with the guy who’s a new boss, new husband, or new dad. “You need someone around who’s made the big life moves you haven’t made yet and can pass along a little wisdom,” says Geoff Greif, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore and author of Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships.  While the big brother may or may not be related to you (or even older than you), he should be close enough in age that his advice is relevant and he understands your perspective on life. Someone who bought a house in 2004, for example, probably isn’t the most knowledgeable about today’s market.

2. The Single Guy
Next up: the friend who’s still unattached. “It’s typical as you get into a relationship to leave your single friends behind because they become a third wheel if you’re out with a girlfriend, but that’s a mistake,” Greif says. That’s because unlike your friends who are pairing off, the single guy is almost always free for a last-minute night out, or to help you mount your new flat screen TV. Consider him the Swiss Army knife of friends.

3. The Wing-Woman
While hanging out with dumpy-looking dudes is a plus, a sexy (but platonic) female friend can help you break the ice with women you’re looking to meet. A study at the University of California found that women rated men as better looking when the guys were shown pictured with a hot woman. What’s more, the women said they were skeptical of the guys who were pictured with less-attractive women. Ideally, your hot Wing-Woman is the girlfriend or wife of a buddy, since she can sing your praises to the girls you meet, but won’t be seen as a threat to your new companion.

4. The Geek
We all have our niche interests, whether it’s Australian rugby or vintage turntables. The Geek is your friend who shares a specific interest and lets you indulge that unique side of your personality. In fact, he may not even be someone who’s part of your regular social circle. “You can forgive certain personal differences if you see eye-to-eye in your pursuit of one hobby,” says Greif. Without him, you risk letting one of your passions slip away or alienating your other friends by trying to debate whether Jack Kirby deserves more credit than Stan Lee for creating the Fantastic Four.

5. The B.S. Artist
The one trait you need in a friend is the willingness to back you up, says Greif. The B.S. Artist’s skill is in covering for your awkward conversation flubs, career setbacks, and dating history. Not only will he lie to help you, but he’s a good friend to have around regardless. A Canadian study found that people who lie to protect their friends are more likely to be highly empathetic and in tune with their pal’s needs.

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