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Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers At Vera’s Burger Shack

It’s that time of year again; where we get to remember everything we’re thankful for! Number one on my list? –

Food of course. Thanksgiving is one of the few times of year where wearing sweatpants to a formal family
dinner is acceptable (or anything with a stretchy waistband).

Unfortunately not all of us can make the trek home for Thanksgiving, so I decided to find you a second best option – turkey burgers. Located at Vera’s Burger Shack, this turkey burger can replace a turkey dinner any day – it’s that amazing.

My favorite thing about Vera’s is they give you the option to build your own burger with 20+ flavorful toppings. The patty could be eaten plain it’s so good but
I went to town and chose seven, my favorites being the zesty guacamole, cheddar cheese and sautéed onions. Because turkey is a lean meat, it can sometimes be a little on the dry side but Vera’s patty maintains that moistness we all crave. Combine that with a mix of seasonings and spices and you have one of the best turkey patties in town. They take the time to melt the shredded cheddar cheese evenly over the top giving it a gooey goodness with every bite. The creamy mayo, cool guacamole, tangy ketchup and mustard mix together to create an out of this world flavor experience. Top it off with tender, buttery sautéed onions, crisp lettuce and a crunchy pickle and you’ve got yourself the perfect Thanksgiving dinner substitute.

Vera’s Burger Shack has nine locations throughout Vancouver
The Turkey burger is available for $8.99
Toppings vary from $0.79-$1.29

Written by: Melanie Booth

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