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Texting Driver Hits Victoria Officer, Continues To Text

Texting Drives Hits Victoria Officer, Continues To Text

A Victoria police officer who was operating a cruiser with a police dog inside was reportedly rear-ended last weekend by a driver who was said to be texting on their phone.

According to the Victoria Police Department, the police cruiser was hit last Saturday night by a distracted driver, who continued to text even after hitting the officer. The officer discovered this after confiscating the driver’s phone and reading the following conversation:

“I just got into an accident, OMG. I was trying to txt u. Ran into a cop car. OMGGG,”

The text message conversation was later tweeted by Victoria police, but was quickly taken down after drawing negative feedback for public shaming.

The officer, K9, and driver all received non-life threatening injuries. The driver did receive a ticket however.

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