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Temperatures In BC Will Drop To As Low As -40°C Today

temperatures in BC

Photo: @clarityphotodesign / Instagram

It’s safe to say that temperatures in BC are very cold right now.

While Metro Vancouver is expecting a low of -3°C and some snow on Friday, other parts of British Columbia are experiencing a deep freeze.

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for Prince George. The combination of cold temperatures and winds will produce wind chills of -40°C overnight. However, the wind chill values are expected to ease Saturday afternoon.

In Kelowna, wind chills of -16°C is expected tonight and it’ll be -22°C overnight.

In the Fraser Valley, snowfall is expected throughout Friday. Along with the snow comes a bitter cold wind chill and reduced visibility from the blowing snow.

Although the snow is said to ease Friday night, an “arctic blast” will cause a few centimetres of snow to land on Saturday as well.


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