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Gastown’s New Social Hub Connects Artists And Entrepreneurs To The City

taste and circle

A new creative space has opened its doors to Vancouverites that works to connect artists, entrepreneurs and locals to one another in an atmosphere that evokes all things social.

Whether it’s hanging out with friends to grab a one-of-a-kind selfie latte, checking out a variety of changing monthly pop-up shops featuring both local and brand name designers or admiring the pieces of art on display, Gastown’s newly established Taste and Circle has and does it all.


The space is all about connecting and conversing. It not only offers locals a chance to spend time with friends but also offers artists and entrepreneurs an avenue of expression through monthly art shows and events. It truly is a social and cultural hub where creatives can meet, interact and showcase their work.

Below is a list of a few past events to give you a better idea of what the venue has to offer.

A Taste Of Past Events

Sorry for Being Sexy Launch Party

Instagram: @sorryforbeingsexy
Web: sorryforbeingsexy.com

Sorry for Being Sexy is a Vancouver based undergarment company. It features trendy and simple styles in shades of black and white. The company name is inspired by the saying “sorry not sorry” used to sarcastically express a lack of guilt over an action or statement. In this case, the action and statement is that of being sexy. While the products look great on, the true key behind the brand is comfort. Brand Manager Adrian Wu stated:

“It’s about continuing to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin, to be happy and above all else to be proud of who they are. As long as comfort is a factor, with or without our product, the important thing we want to capture is feeling good and unapologetically sexy inside and out.” 

Though the simplistic black and white design of the garments is a reflection of Vancouver fashion, Sorry For Being Sexy is taking over Canadian and international markets, selling in Toronto, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Miami, New York and soon, throughout Europe.  

Photo: Gabriela Torres / 604 Now

Collective You Headshots and Networking

Instagram: @thecollectiveyou
Web: thecollectiveyou.com

Collective You is a local company that specializes in timeless black and white photography. It has created a new standard in event entertainment by building on-site galleries. It does so by using the portraits taken of event attendees and guests. This automatically livens up any room by promoting open discussion.

The Collective You headshots and networking event hosted at Taste and Circle offered young professionals from various industries and Vancouverites the opportunity to connect with one another in an open, social setting. An ideal example of innovative Vancouver and perfect illustration of what Taste and Circle is all about.


Future Events

In the coming months Taste and Circle will host a variety of exciting new events. Don’t miss the chance to check them out and experience this new Gastown venue!

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