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This Dream Job Will Fly ‘Mediocre’ Skiers To Sweden To Ski All Day

Skiing in sweden

Photo: Unsplash / @emmapaillex

If you’ve ever wanted to go skiing in Sweden, now is your chance, unless you’re a terrific skier, than this opportunity is not for you. This is the average skiers time to shine.

Tension, a sports gear brand, is currently looking for average skiers to test out their gear in Sweden and they’re going to pay you $30 an hour for it.

That’s not even the best part.

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Skiing In Sweden

The sports gear company is looking to hire two people to test drive their gear while skiing the mountains of Sweden.

Specifically they’re looking for people who aren’t the best at this sport, so if you consider yourself “somewhat mediocre” with a “tendency to fall” than you’re the perfect candidate.

Sounds like a joke right? It’s really not. 

The offer includes a round-trip from your home to Sweden’s Idre fjäll mountain and will involve testing out Tension’s gear and giving feedback on the equipment. The trip will last for four days and you’ll earn $30 an hour.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll also be staying in a cabin, just a few steps away from the mountain and you get to keep that gear once you’re done. You’ll also receive eight hours of private lessons and get to bring a friend along for the ride.

All. Expenses. Paid. 

The company said in its job description: “we believe that the successful candidate for the job has a test-and-learn mentality, never got a compliment for their riding style and thrives in a fast-paced environment.”

If you think you’re mediocre enough for this job, fill out the online application before February 11.

Again, this is not a joke.

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