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Recent Survey Suggests That Many In BC Think Unvaccinated People Should Be Fined

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In wake of recent news of Quebec imposing fines to the unvaccinated, many have wondered if B.C. would follow suit.

B.C. did end up announcing on Tuesday January 11 that they have no plans do such. However, a recent survey is suggesting that the majority of people in the province would agree with fines to unvaccinated people.

A whopping 64% of British Columbians indicated they would support a fine being issued or a healthcare tax to those that are unvaccinated.

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The national survey was conducted by Maru Public Opinion in which just over 1,500 people were surveyed across Canada. The results showed that 60% of Canadians (overall) agreed that fines or a healthcare tax should be impose.

In the survey, it also showed that 38% of Canadians said they know someone in their family or circle of friends who has contracted the COVID-19 virus in the last 10 days. Just looking at B.C. 31% said they know someone who recently contracted the virus.

Why this may be relevant to the high number wanting a fine is the fact that Maru Public Opinion also held an earlier poll that found that 56% of Canadians were concerned about about contracting the Omicron COVID-19 variant. 54% of those people indicated that vaccination would protect them or boost their immunity.

These surveys have come about due to the health minister suggesting that in time provinces may broaden their vaccine mandate.


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