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Surrey Mayor Has A Lot Of People Scratching Their Heads Right Now

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The people of Surrey are starting to question their new Mayor.

Since his election victory, Doug McCallum has declared many questionable things to Surrey residents.

According to reports, he said there was a bigger drop in children participating in sports than there actually was, he has made inaccurate statements about the skytrain and exaggerated the number of rinks in Surrey.

The residents of Surrey have taken notice, and are beginning to express doubts.

Chair and a founding member of Surrey Students NOW, Cindy Dalglish said in a statement Tuesday, the Mayor’s claims are far from the truth.

Others are questioning how long McCallum has been out of office, saying there are things about the job that have changed since then.

Claims Made By Doug McCallum

Other head scratching statements McCallum has told the public include:

  • In his plan to switch from the Newton-Surrey-Guildford LRT to a Skytrain extension to Langley he cited a Translink study that didn’t exist. Claiming he could save millions of dollars.
  • McCallum overstated the amount of debt Surrey has.
  • He claimed the land underneath the Cloverdale Sport and Ice Complex is unstable and more expensive than originally reported.
  • His plans to eradicate the RCMP – to be fair, he has received support here. But the irony is that earlier this week he stated the majority of council are “comfortable that the RCMP will continue to keep Surrey safe”. This was shortly after finalizing a budget highlighting no new police officers for the city in 2019, but a large component of his campaign was about public safety – a major ongoing issue in the city.

But perhaps it’s all part of his big picture? At least according to one theory:

Will Mayor Doug McCallum be able to fulfill the promises he’s made? Is it too early to panic?

It’s fair to say the residents of Surrey will surely be keeping a close eye on their mayor heading into 2019.

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