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Surrey’s Brand New Rainbow Crosswalk Has Already Been Defaced

Rainbow Crosswalk

Photo: Ginger Gervais / Twitter

The City of Surrey installed a rainbow crosswalk at City Centre on June 18th in support of the LGBTQ community.

Now, in under two weeks, the freshly-painted crosswalk has been splashed with white paint; however, it is unknown whether the splatter is the work of vandals or an accident.

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Ginger Gervais captured an image of the paint on twitter and captioned that “people suck” with a thumbs down.

Rainbow Crosswalk

With that being said, the bright stripes were a point of contention in the community. Many people feel it is an important sign of support for a community that has suffered so deeply. In contrast, others feel that its hefty $8,500 price tag simply isn’t justifiable; a regular “zebra” crosswalk costs roughly $2,000 to install.

What’s more, Mayor Linda Hepner moved to install the crosswalk independently of city council. As such, she received a great deal of criticism for going forward without consultation.


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