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Surrey Creep Catchers Take Down Online Videos After Court Ruling

Surrey Creep Catchers

Photo: Chris Bondurant / Facebook

The Surrey Creep Catchers have removed their online videos from social media.

The group is an active vigilante group that poses as minors online in an effort to expose alleged child predators. All sting operations are filmed and posted to their social media pages.

In July 2017, B.C.’s previous information and privacy commissioner, Drew McArthur, ordered the videos taken down and destroyed.

Since that time, the group’s founder, Ryan LaForge, had repeatedly refused to take down the group’s online videos; however, he complied with the latest court ruling issued Wednesday, January 31st.

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Surrey Creep Catchers

While the videos are no longer on the internet, the court is still deciding whether or not to destroy them.

Justice Laura Gerow told CBC News, “The evidence before the court is that the ongoing postings are causing significant harm to the complainants.”

Evidently, the court does not find that the videos were causing harm to the lives of the people shown in them.

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