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Someone Tried To Steal A Baby Goose From Stanley Park And Got Caught (Video)

Stanley Park

Photo: FuelRodZone / YouTube

Recently, a number of awful crimes have been captured on video in Metro Vancouver.

For example, surveillance video captured a man throwing coffee at a woman’s head, and then violently shoving her at the New Westminster Skytrain Station.

In other instances, perpetrators aren’t violent, but they are captured stealing or causing mischief .

On April 2nd, for example, a Richmond thief was captured stealing an Amazon delivery package right from a homeowner’s doorstep.

Now, a video was posted to YouTube that shows a man appearing to steal a gosling from its family in Stanley Park.

In it, two men on bicycles are hanging out by a gaggle of geese. One man appears to have a gosling in his sweater. Afterward, he releases the youngster when he is called out by the approaching cameraman.

Stanley Park Thief


Once the gosling is released, the cameraman remarks, “Fu**ing scum bag,” as he pedals off.

The perpetrator picked up the gosling around Lost Lagoon. This area is known as a bird sanctuary, and therefore interfering with the local ecosystem is strictly prohibited.


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