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Spooked Stanley Park Horses Crash Carriage (Video)

Photo: Global BC / Facebook Video

At least one person is hurt with minor injuries after local riders and tourists were tossed from a carriage in Stanley Park this afternoon.

According to reports, the horses were spooked during an anti-pipeline protest taking place moments before Justin Trudeau arrived to reveal an ocean protection plan to address spills.

The protesters had blocked of the lanes opposite to a horse-drawn carriage that was facing the other direction.

A car approached and honked to get through the lane blocked by the protesters. The noise immediately spooked the horses who took off over the curb, managing to damage a park bench and knock over a few signs.

With the terrified passengers still on-board, the horses proceeded to make a sharp turn to prevent diving over the seawall.

A family visiting from Australia is seen jumping off the carriage while the horses dash down the pedestrian path. Fortunately, they managed to walkway with minor cuts, and scrapes.

Watch the incident unfold in a video shared by Global BC:

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