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A Solar Storm Will Illuminate BC Skies With Vibrant Northern Lights

Canada / Northern Lights

Metro Vancouver may be in for a colourful treat, as the forecast calls for Northern Lights in BC skies tomorrow.

The Space Weather Prediction Center reports that a geomagnetic storm will strike parts of North America on May 17th. As a result, the areas most affected by the storm are more likely to see aurora borealis.

Last month, the lights dazzled BC skies on April 11th, providing stargazers with a stunning display of celestial eye-candy.

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Northern Lights in BC

Northern Lights
Photo: Space Weather Prediction Center

National Geographic describes solar flares as, “giant explosions on the surface of the sun that occur when twisted magnetic field lines suddenly snap and release massive amounts of energy.”

Geomagnetic storms interrupt earth’s magnetic fields, and often throw off many forms of communication. Also, they may throw off people’s internal clocks.

As a result, many feel sleepy, moody, or just generally out of sorts. This is because they interrupt earth’s magnetic field.

Of course, the lights are wasted on those who are around too much light pollution. So, stargazers are best advised to travel as far out of city limits as possible to enjoy the heavenly blaze. In addition, finding a higher elevation makes for prime viewing.

Locally, you might want to travel to this B.C. park to soak in the best experience.


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