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How Snow Turned Vancouver Upside Down

Vancouver snow

Duane Storey / Flickr

If this winter season has proven one thing, it’s that the city of Vancouver and its inhabitants are not prepared for snow. Compared to the rest of the country, we have been spoiled. Thanks to our temperate rainforest climate, snow, as we come to expect, is a light dusting, barely distinguishable from rain. Like this week’s snowfall, if the fluffy flakes do stick to the ground, good old rain would wash it away in hours.

Not this year.

Vancouver has been hit with several snowstorms. What’s remarkable is that each time it’s happened, it has been a shining example showing our perfect inability to cope. Although Vancouver gets shade from the rest of the Great White North for not being okay about snow, this season we have more justification, seeing as how we’ve actually had more snow than in Toronto, Regina or Saskatoon.

Here are three reasons why snow turned Vancouver upside down.

Vancouver snow

All snow and no salt makes Vancouverites dull boys

Not only did the Vancouver Fire Hall run out of salt but enough Vancouverites pilfered sand from beaches that the Vancouver Park Board had to issue a warning. We may have taken the term “snowpocalypse” a tad literally. But if there’s one thing a Vancouverite hates more than snow, it’s the thought of what happens after the snowfall, ice.


Morning commutes

As many commuters in the Lower Mainland learned, the bus was not coming. If it were coming, there’d be a high probability it’d be crashing into a tree. Most commuters were better off walking to the nearest SkyTrain. On the positive note, students and workers rejoiced at snow days. White powder is so much better when you’re indoors, nice and cozy.


SFU Snowball Fight - Vancouver snow
Photo: @kriazike / Instagram

Snowball fights break local news

Proper snowball fights are so rare in Vancouver that when UBC and SFU students had them on campus, it made local news. It’s been years since we’ve had enough snow we could scoop it in our hands to throw at someone. Our excitement is definitely justified.

This winter proved Vancouverites may be the most ill-prepared Canadians when it comes to dealing with seasonal weather. When it comes to rain, however, that’s another story.

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